Cassandra L. Hurth has served alongside and worked together with her husband, Bishop D. A. Hurth for over 16 years. Her dedication to excellence makes her a leading lady for the many platforms and challenges in Christian ministry. With a background in early childhood education, Cassandra (Cassie) places strict emphasis on training up a child. Cassie's philosophy is that a successful adult is the product of a well taught, and a disciplined child.  In addition to raising her own sons, and daughters, she assumes an active role in daily church functions at Nations Harvest. First Lady Cassandra is the Executive Officer and President of Challenger Christian Academy; she organized the Nations Harvest first women's unit in 2008.

Even though Cassie was raised in a more traditional church setting being First Lady in a more contemporary church environment was no challenge for her. She works closely with her husband and bishop, and believe that quality in ministry should be of paramount importance; moreover, God's standards for Christian living should never be compromised. She works diligently to provide space for more diversity inside the church to better serve the 

complex society in which we live. Her decree is to birth a nation of women who are dedicated to God first, their husbands, and their family. With her bubbly personality, priceless smile, and insight into God’s plan for his people, Cassandra makes the mold of the perfect wife, mother, and friend. Her plan to stay committed motivates all who take part in this move of God. 

Cassie's message is, "You are welcome in my Father’s house” 

​​​​Nations Harvest Church Assembly

Mrs. Cassandra Hurth