Miss Asia

Miss Alena


became a part of Challenger on May 21, 2014.  The  pastor thought that it would be wonderful for the babies, toddlers and youth of Challenger Christian Academy to have their very own school mascot helping them to  build good spirit in the class room environment.

hashtag the kitten will lead the way in learning he will encourage all Challenger's students to do their very best at all times.  hashtag knows to be proactive, courteous, and how to get involved in the learning process.

hashtag was given the name by Victoria  and his image by  A'Lena.

Cassandra Hurth is the President and visionary of Challenger Christian Academy. 

Mrs Cassie begin her career at Ayers College, Gadsden, AL in the nursing program, later she begin working a head teacher at Mrs. Faye's Daycare in Anniston, AL.

With 20 years professional experience in the day care industry Cassie says. "my first experience was out of necessity, I refuse to leave my son with anyone other than myself, later it became a passion; I was the mom and the teacher for both my 18 year old son and my 13 year old daughter, I wanted them to have the best care, now I provide that care for parents like myself."

Cassie is the visionary for Nations Harvest Church Day Care Program. She is a charter member of the 18 year old church ministry that has it's humble beginning in a retail space at 1209 Danville Rd., Decatur, AL.

Miss Levita

 Ms Lakeena

Our Staff

Tafiny Patterson has twenty-one years experience of early childhood education, she has been the owner/director of Adventure Land Childcare Center in Oxford, AL;  director at The ABC Learning Center, Anniston, AL and after relocating to Decatur she worked as a head teacher at Tiffany Young Youth and Development in Hillsboro, AL. (now Challenger West Campus) Tafiny received her accreditation from Family Child Care Partnership (fccp) through Auburn University.

Tafiny is the proud director of Challenger Christian Academy: with preschool classrooms and infant/toddler classrooms. "I have seen how quality child care can benefit young children providing for them a safe, nurturing and educational environment, my program will allow parents to go to work knowing that their children are receiving professional child care."

Challenger is currently using A Beka Curriculum, and incorporates creative thought and expression to help each child develop a more thorough and meaningful understanding of the things they learn.