Bishop D. A. Hurth has an anointed and unique ministry that promotes reconciliation and redemption for lost souls.  He believes that the mission of the church is to minister and exhibit compassion for God’s people without respect to denomination or organization. With boldness and the willingness to serve he accepts the challenge to combat social separation that weakens the Christian church and its families.

Bishop Hurth was born in Decatur, Alabama on September 6. 1957. His parents Harry L. and Louella Hurth were charitable benefactors in their community.  It is to them that their son credits as the source of his own integrity, discipline, and self-reliance.  In 2012, he celebrated 30 years in ministry.  His wife, Cassandra, and the love of his life worked hands clinched to build a strong and thriving family.

Bishop Hurth faithfully served his country in the United States Army, Post Vietnam 1976 as a Military Police Officer. He completed a government career with state and federal law enforcement, choosing early retirement to commit his life to full-time church ministry.

 Bishop Hurth entered preaching ministry in Vallejo, CA, at the Tabernacle of David Missionary Baptist Church, tutored and mentored by Rev. R. L. McCray.  Hurth returned to his birth home, Decatur, AL in 1984 and for the most of two decades, he served as senior pastor at the Greater Peace Tabernacle.  In 1992 he responded to what he called, “the silent cry for help,” seeking to rebuild shattered lives on the foundation of Jesus Christ, he founded Reclaiming Our Children (ROC).  Roc’s goal is to provide an answer to lifestyles that we face on a daily basis relating to sexuality, social consciousness, and religious thought. Yielding his gift to the Holy Spirit, he led those that were confused to a state of peace, and those robed in darkness now walk in the light. 

Bishop Hurth is the CEO of Nations Harvest Church Assembly, a nonprofit organization that has produced two major conferences—Men and Women En Masses, Jesus Enterprise, both are powerful and popular symposiums that have spawned organizing churches and pastor/church fellowships.  With Decatur still serving as the home base for the organization, Hurth has successfully reached new realms through revelation conducting services in both Decatur, and Anniston, AL.  

Challenger Christian Academy was founded in 2014 by Bishop Hurth and has since grown from its small beginnings currently the academy shares its space with the church campus. Future plans include expanding the learning facility with emphasis placed on arts and cultural enrichment. Bishop and Mrs. Hurth and Nations Harvest church family dedicated the school founding with Priceville's city officials in June of 2014. 

Often referred to as a shepherd of the shattered, Bishop D. A. Hurth has made great strides in the South and abroad to help turn around the lives of those suffering from homeless conditions, drug addiction, and other spiritual and social challenges.

Bishop Hurth’s intense desire for an in-depth exploration of spiritual truths and his unique oratory skills makes room for his calling. Hurth firmly believes that Jesus being raised from the dead with all power is the perpetual facilitator of all his sermons.  Bishop Hurth employs an extraordinary supply of physical energy and intellectual vitality to support his anointing.   He helps the saint and sinner alike to understand the immense difficulties in trying to live a Godly life in a sin-infested world; teaching them to believe that following the tenets of God’s Word makes the walk a possibility.

Bishop D.A. Hurth

​​​​Nations Harvest Church Assembly