Growth is fueled by knowledge sharing and communicating ideas, coming from people just like you! 

Don't miss the 2019 Growth Summit. 

You will Regret not being there.

It's Your Time. Become More. ​

  Successful and God Fearing
Learn from those with intense experience in health, business, mindset, & relationships. We only bring you the best in their respective fields so that you can learn and implement their strategies to become more. 

Come EXPERIENCE the ENERGY of the 2019 Growth Summit!

Connect with like-minded people
The Growth Community who want more from their life. They are achievers from all over the world and have diverse backgrounds and do not believe they are limited in what they want to continue to achieve in life. 

​August  9, 10, 2019


Growth Summit brings only the Best-of-the Best to you in one place!


 To be announced 


We Are Growth



    1 Content-Packed Day
Because we know your time is limited you can expect 1 content rich packed day that will leave you feeling energized and ready to conquer life!

What 2019 Growth Summit Includes:

Growth Summit is a place where we bring our entire community together to network, learn, and support each other!


​​​​Nations Harvest Church Assembly

Prepare YOURSELF...​

For not only a life-changing event, but a one day summit that will motivate you to create, stay-on-track, and complete all the goals and life ambitions you desire to continue to grow to your next level.

We want to conquer whatever it is that makes you feel like you are alone on an island going through transitions, plateaus, or whatever you are going through. We have an entire community that have been exactly where you are and will surround you with, love, support, and energy to give you the motivation you need to keep your momentum to move forward.  

Because TOGETHER...