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At Nations Harvest Church Assembly (NHCA), we are dedicated to ensuring you and your loved ones can rest easy knowing that we're here to help.  We see the dynamic move of God coming forth that is now in seed form. We have taken notice that God is raising up new voices with a new stirring vision

We know that sometimes the wait can really get to you, but this is how God develops the fruit of patience and faith in your personality. You simply have to have full faith, trust and believe that God now has your life completely in His hands. Not only does God have a set plan and a set future for your life – but He also has a set timetable in which all of these plans will manifest in your life.
You simply have to learn how to have patience during these waiting periods.  In the meantime, God will make sure and arrange that you have enough money and support coming in to help keep you afloat until this next job comes through. This is where you have to learn how to have complete faith in the Lord to do all of this for you.
Trust me, both Cassandra and I have been put through the waiting ringer plenty of times, and God has never failed to keep us afloat and open the door to the next step in our walk with Him when the time was right.   Rest in Him and arise refreshed for we need you. Your prayers, your support, and your love are important to us. So we pray you will take care of yourself.

I believe in people – we believe in their potential and also in their incredible ability to influence the world with good by the power of Jesus Christ working in us


  • September 28, 2018



Don and Cassandra Hurth

    Nations Harvest Church of Priceville

By ​ D. A. Hurth   

  • Topic:  ​Purpose and Protection



Welcome To Nations Harvest Church Assembly​​​​


God makes himself the responsible party for protecting your purpose. This may not seem important to you until you consider many of the attacks that you suffer. The bottom line is, expect the attacks when you're gifted. 

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."  (NIV, Jeremiah 1:5). God formed us for a reason, and the reason is not attributed to our parents, friends, not even ourselves. God attributes our existence to himself. He formed us for His everlasting purpose, and his protection will last just as long as his purpose. At some point in life, we begin to move in his purpose and consequently, we become conscious of our calling.  Through the process, God turns you from your own purpose and this doesn't happen easily. This is the reason you should never curse where you're coming from because it's divinely connected to where God is moving you to. We don't always see this, our thinking is, that God only becomes effective after we acknowledge him and surrender to him. The truth is God works in our past to make our present more powerful.

To fully understand God's protection for our purpose: we must understand that whatever God creates in eternity can only be revealed in time. So, the enemy is restricted to launching his attack against you when it is revealed, "in time."  The enemy cannot attack the gift given you in eternity, he can attack only after the gift is transferred into the human vessel in time. Let's face it, the gift is of no interest to the enemy. It is you, the recipient of the gift that falls under attack. If the enemy can discourage you, he has successfully negated the gift.

How do you attack the purpose of God?  The purpose of God is attacked by attacking the vessel God has given the gift to. Keep in mind also that It is the attacks of the devil that reveal your giftedness, but by the time the enemy figures out God's process of filling your life with purpose and giving you gifts, it's already too late.  He has been rendered powerless to all who know their rightful place in Christ.